1) What was the weather like? 2) Where did you go on holiday? 3) Who did you go with? 4) How did you travel? 5) Name five things you like doing when you're on holiday. 6) past simple form of "spend" "want" "take" 7) past simple form of "can" 8) past simple form of "get"  9) past simple form of "have" 10) Say the past simple of these verbs " ask, call, check, live, arrive, miss, book, need" 11) Opposite of "overweight" "curly" "short" 12) What are you doing now?  13) How often do you go to the gym? 14)  What does she look like? 15) What does he look like? 16) A person who likes giving people things is..... 17) A person who talks a lot is..... 18) Name 5 things you wear  19) What is the weather like today? 20) What was the hotel like? (on vacation) 21) What was the town like? (on vacation) 22) What were the people like? (on vacation)




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