1) I can stay in bed tomorrow morning because I _____ work. It's holiday! a) must b) have to c) mustn't d) don't have to 2) All employees ________ on time for work. a) mustn't b) have to  c) must be d) don't have to be 3) Do you _____ work next weekend? a) have to b) must c) had to d) mustn't 4) We ___________finish our project on Friday so we haven't got much time. a) mustn't b) have to c) must  d) don't have to 5) She _____________ to call them, just send a message a) don't have to b) mustn't c) must d) doesn't have to 6) He _____________ online during the lesson. a) has to chat b) mustn't chat c) doesn't have to chat d) must chat 7) You ______________ off your phone when the film starts a) mustn't switch b) have to switch c) must switch d) don't have to switch 8) They _______________ say anything to her! a) have to b) mustn't c) don't have to d) must


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