1. I love London. I ____there next year. (probably / go) 2. Our train ____ at 4:47. (leave) 3. What ____ at the fancy dress party tonight? (wear / you) They ____ their holiday abroad this year. They want to visit their family on the coast instead. (not spend) I haven't decided yet. But I think I ____ something nice in my mum's wardrobe. (find) We ____ to Puglia because it is too expensive. The rental car is booked from Modena on Friday the 5th of June. (not fly) This is my last day here. I ____ back to England tomorrow. (go) Hurry up! The conference ____ in 20 minutes. (begin) My horoscope says that I ____ an old friend this week. (meet) The film ____ until 5:30pm. Now it is only 4:20pm. Look at these big black clouds! It ____. (rain) Here is the weather forecast. Tomorrow ____ dry and sunny. (be) In my opinion, Sue ____ her biscuits. (not share) Her long haul flight ____ at Heathrow airport at 18:25.


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