Last summer, I flew to New York with my boyfriend. The flight left from ____, and my brother dropped us outside the building. We went inside and looked for the ____to take us upstairs to ____. We left our suitcases at the ____ , and then we went to the ____ to board our plane. We had a good flight, but we were very tired when we landed in New York. There was a long queue at ____, and they asked us a lot of questions. Finally, we went to ____ ____ to pick up our bags. We needed a ____this time because of all our suitcases. Nobody stopped us at ____, so we went straight to ____, where our friends were waiting for us. We can get a trolley in ____ when we pick up our bags.If you have scissors in your hand luggage, you'll have problems at the ____. When I got to ____, they only looked at my photo quickly. In departures, the big screens show your departure time and ____ We've printed our boarding passes, so we just need to find the ____ to leave our suitcase.




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