How do you spell your first name?, What's your email address?, What does your best friend look like? Use at least 4 adjectives, What's your best friend like? Use at least 4 adjectives, What do you talk about with your friends?, How often do you go shopping for clothes?, What kind of music do you usually listen to?, COMPLETE THE SENTENCE - How many cups of coffee ______ you _____ yesterday?, IT and technology - SPEAK OF THIS TOPIC FOR 45", Name 5 things you wear, Name three footwear items, CORRECT THE MISTAKE - I'm usually drinking tea not coffee, CORRECT THE MISTAKE - Why do you wear sunglasses? It's not sunny today, COMPLETE THE SENTENCE - Hello, this is room 613, there 's a ______ the air conditioning, it isn't working, Go-Went; Take-Took; Get-?; Think-?; Say-?, A friend of yours has just come back from holiday- Ask him three questions (Place-Accommodation-The Weather, You are on holiday, name 5 activities you could do using phrases with GO, Name three adjectives to describe a hotel, Name three adjectives to describe a town, What were you doing yesterday at 5?, FINISH THE SENTENCE - While I was having dinner ..., COMPLETE THE SENTENCE - ____ fast when the police ____ you? (DRIVE/STOP), Describe the photo on page 11 of your book, Your daily routine - SPEAK OF THE TOPIC FOR 1', Free time activities - SPEAK OF THE TOPIC FOR 1'.

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