1) My little boy ___ speak until he was nearly two years old. a) couldn't b) wasn't able to 2) She's much better after her operation. She'll ___ walk again in a few months. a) can b) be able to 3) He hasn't ___ mend my bike yet. He'll do it tomorrow. a) could b) been able to 4) It's the weekend at last! I love ___ go out with my friends. a) can b) being able to 5) When we lived on the coast, we used to ___ go to the beach every day. a) can b) be able to 6) I ___ send any emails at the moment. My computer isn't working. a) can't b) 'm not able to 7) I ___ read before I started school. a) could b) was able to 8) We won't ___ go on holiday this year because we need to spend a lot of money on the house. a) can b) be able to 9) Linda's really pleased because she's finally ___ find a part-time job. a) could b) been able to 10) Alex ___ speak Portuguese fluently after living in Lisbon for ten years. a) can b) is able to


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