1) Is she drinking? a) No, she isn't b) Yes, she is 2) are you playing guitar? a) Yes, you are b) Yes, I am 3) Are they eating an ice cream? a) Yes, you are b) Yes, they are 4) Is he jumping? a) Yes, he is b) Yes, he does 5) Do they go to school on Monday? a) Yes, they are b) Yes, they do 6) Does he brush his teeth in the morning? a) Yes, he does b) Yes, he do 7) What are they doing? a) THey are fixing a car b) They fix a car 8) Is Emily having breakfast? a) Yes, she is b) No, she hasn't 9) What are they doing? a) They are having dinner b) They have dinner 10) What is it doing? a) It is riding a bike b) It is ride a bike




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