1) Do you ever get up very late or very early? Why? When? 2) What's the first thing that you turn on after you wake up in the morning? 3) Have you ever forgotten to turn your phone off in a concert or the cinema? 4) Do you throw away old clothes or do you give them to other people? 5) Do you enjoy trying on clothes when you go shopping? 6) When you go shopping, do you usually write down what you have to buy? Do you only buy what's on the list? 7) What kind of shops do you enjoy looking round? What kind don't you enjoy? 8) Do you often go away at the weekend? Where to? 9) Do you enjoy looking after small children? Why (not)? 10) Have you ever asked your neighbors to turn the TV or the music down? What happened? 11) How do you usually get around your town or city during the day? What about late at night?


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