1) Can you look after our cat? We're ______ . a) going away b) going out c) going back 2) We have to _____ at 6.00 if we want to get to the cinema in time. a) throw away b) set off c) get up 3) I really can't cook. I tried to make a cake last week, but we had to _____ . a) throw it away b) give it up c) take it out 4) Could you ____the music_____? I'm trying to sleep. a) turn up b) turn down c) turn on 5) I think I drink too much coffee. I should _____ . a) look it up b) turn it up c) give it up 6) To get a passport you have to _____ two forms. a) write down b) fill in c) write in 7) They have this shirt in your size. Why don't you _____? a) turn it on b) try it on c) put it on 8) Could you go to the supermarket? We've _____ oil. a) run out of b) turned down c) look after 9) I had to _____ my mother last week because she was ill. a) look at b) look for c) look after 10) Can you send me a link to that travel blog? I want to _____ things to do in Valencia. a) look for b) look up c) find out 11) The alarm will _____ at 7.00 tomorrow morning because I need to be at work by 6.00. a) go off b) try on c) take off 12) Nicola is _____ a new flat. She doesn't like where she's living now. a) looking for b) looking up c) looking at 13) I didn't know how to pronounce 'quiet' until I _____ in the dictionary. a) looked it for b) looked it up c) looked at it 14) It’s snowing! Are you going outside? You should _____ a warm jacket. a) put on b) take off 15) I bought this skirt online, but I don’t like it. I think I’m going to ______. a) give it back b) send it back c) throw it away


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