1) Who are the first miners requested and delivered by the Austrian government?  a) Egyptians b) Austrian Croats c) Turks 2) To what modern function can it be assimilated the Macellum in Alba ? a) A place of refreshment b) Archaelogical site c) Modern bars 3) According to the legend, when was the city of Tios, in Turkey, founded? a) Sixth century b) Seventh century c) Twelfth century 4) What is the type of economy in Alba Fucens? a) route for the commerce located in the mountain b) skiing holiday c) city vacation 5) When Alba Fucens born? a) Alba Fucens born in the 6th century BC b) Alba Fucens born in the 4th century BC c) Alba Fucens born in the 20th century BC 6) When Alba Fucens was declared national monument? a) Alba Fucens was declared in 1230 b) Alba Fucens was declared in 1670 c) Alba Fucens was declared in 1902 7) Which is the first city excavated on the coast of the Black Sea? a) Istanbul b) Smirne c) Tios city 8) The Macellum is also called: a) Thermopoly b) Frigidarium c) Market 9) What wasn't easy to find in Zonguldak? a) exotic vegetables b) meat c) special fish 10) What were the mountainous areas in Alba chosen for? a) Historical artifacts b) Colony of Alba Fucens c) Holiday resorts 11) Why is Zonguldak famous? a) oil mine b) coal mine c) presence of poisonous snakes 12) At what age are associated the buildings of Alba Fucens? a) Greek age b) Roman age c) Etruscan age 13) What do we find in the wooded area of Zonguldak? a) blackberries, cranberries, rosehips b) blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, rosehips c) only chestnuts 14) What kind of climate there is in Zonguldak? a) oceanic climate b) mountain climate c) maritime climate 15) Which are also mentioned Cehennemağzı caves? a) Caverns at Club b) Caverns at Avon c) Caverns at Acheron




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