1) It's raining. ________________ an umbrella? a) Have you b) You have got c) Got you d) Have you got 2) My mother is my father's ____________. a) husband b) daughter c) wife d) sister 3) What time ____________ (she - go) to bed at the weekend? a) is she going b) does she goes c) does she go 4) My aunt's son is my ______________. a) brother b) cousin c) uncle d) nephew 5) My best friend is very ________ with ____________ brown hair and green eyes. a) high - curly b) tall - curly c) curly - long d) thin - tall 6) Daniel can't come swimming because he _______________ any money. a) hasn't got b) has got c) don't have d) hasn't 7) I want to cut my hair because it's too ______________. a) long b) straight c) short d) tall 8) In my family __________ four ____________. a) there are - persons b) there are - people c) there is - people 9) My brother ______________ football three times a week. a) does b) play c) plays d) do 10) Her hair is short, blond, and ______________. It's not curly. a) long b) short c) straight 11) Choose the correct sentence. a) My mom often takes photos of us. b) My mom takes often photos of us. c) Often my mom takes photos of us. 12) What type of music _____________ (you/listen) to in your free time? a) would you like to listen b) you do like to listen c) do you like listening 13) Invite Max to a rock concert. a) Do you like to come to a concert with me? b) Can you go to a concert with me? c) Would you like to go to a concert with me? 14) My brother is brilliant at _____________. He often makes dinner for the family. a) eating b) cook c) cooking d) eat 15) Every morning I __________ at 7, ________ breakfast and get ready for school. a) get up - do b) wake up - have c) wake up - do 16) I go to the cinema with my cousins ______________. (2 x month) a) two times every month b) two times a month c) twice a month 17) We ____________ sleep in a tent in winter because it's too cold. a) never b) always c) don't never 18) am / for / I / late / school / sometime. (Reorder the sentence) a) I am late sometimes for school. b) I am late for school sometimes. c) I sometimes late for school. d) I am sometimes late for school. 19) My friend Keira is very good _____ drawing and painting. a) in b) on c) at 20) ____________ like playing football? a) Do you b) Would you c) Do he 21) When I go to a restaurant I'm always interested in ______________ new food. a) trying b) try c) eat 22) A: ____________ do you see your grandparents? B: Once a week. a) When b) How often c) How much 23) Choose the correct question. a) Do your mom get home at 4pm every day? b) Your mom gets home at 4pm every day? c) Does your mom get home at 4pm every day? 24) I look at it in the bathroom when I brush my hair. a) magazine b) moustache c) mirror 25) Three kitchen appliances: a) oven, washing machine, toaster b) microwave, hair dryer, toaster c) dishwasher, oven, kettle 26) What's this object you can find in the kitchen? a) washer b) sink c) washbasin 27) Let's buy ____________ ice cream for the party. a) some b) any c) an 28) ____________ some burgers and ____________ potatoes on the table. a) There are - a few b) There are - any c) There are - a little 29) I'd like _____________ salad for lunch. a) an b) many c) a 30) Can you make ____________ rice for lunch, please? a) some b) any c) a 31) We haven't got ____________ jam for the sandwiches. a) some b) any c) a few 32) I bought some jeans and a beautiful trainers. a) Correct b) Incorrect 33) Tedros doesn't have ___________ friends at school. a) much b) many c) some 34) Young children _____________ go to work. a) don't have to b) have to c) mustn't 35) Students _____________ go to school during the holidays. a) don't have to b) do have to c) haven't 36) Shall we ask the _____________ to bring us the menu? a) chef b) waiter c) customer 37) My favorite __________ is chicken with vegetables. a) meal b) meat c) plate 38) What's this? a) rug b) shelf c) cupboard 39) My dad is vegetarian ___________ he doesn't eat meat. a) because b) but c) so 40) I want to go swimming. Where is my ______________? a) towel b) hat c) swimsuit 41) Name ten items of clothing: a) Correct b) Incorrect 42) It's so cold outside today. Make sure to wear your _____________. a) Correct b) Incorrect 43) Talk for a minute about your favorite dish. a) Correct b) Incorrect 44) In what shop can you buy meat? (Not the supermarket) a) Correct b) Incorrect 45) Name five places you can find in your town. a) Correct b) Incorrect 46) A place where you can borrow books. a) Correct b) Incorrect 47) Autumn a) in b) on c) at 48) Christmas Day a) in b) on c) at 49) 4:15 p.m. a) in b) on c) at 50) 1997 a) in b) on c) at 51) Name five different types of transport. a) Correct b) Incorrect 52) Talk for a minute about your house. a) Correct b) Incorrect 53) Name three things you can do and three things you can't do. a) Correct b) Incorrect 54) ____________ book is that? It's Jen's. a) Which b) What c) Whose 55) __________ do you get to work? By car. a) When b) How c) Why 56) This exercise is very difficult. I____________________ it. a) am not understanding b) understand c) don't understand 57) Sophie __________________ in the garden right now. a) is playing b) plays c) played 58) Do you _______________ athletics at school? a) play b) do c) go 59) Where __________________ last weekend? a) did you went b) did you go c) have you gone 60) My teacher ________________ in my school ____________ 2016. a) doesn't - in b) worked - on c) didn't work - in 61) My brother is _________________ student in his class. a) older than b) the oldest c) the most old 62) I think English is ________________ than Chinese. a) easier b) more easy c) the easiest 63) If you _______________ a class you should ask another student for the homework. a) lose b) miss c) lost 64) Lucy can play the guitar really _____________. In fact, she's in the school concert. a) Correct b) Incorrect 65) The exam is easy. You _______________ worry so much! a) can't b) shouldn't c) haven't to 66) Yesterday I _________________ my bike in the park when I _______________ a small cat. a) was riding - saw b) was riding - was seeing c) rode - saw 67) When we ____________ to New York Last Year we ____________ coffee every day. a) went - drank b) went - were drinking c) were going - drank 68) What's the name of this TV program? a) Correct b) Incorrect 69) How is he feeling? a) Correct b) Incorrect 70) It's difficult to see in this weather. a) Correct b) Incorrect 71) Name ten parts of the body. a) Correct b) Incorrect 72) I leave tomorrow so I need to _____________ my suitcase. a) pack b) make c) do 73) Name ten jobs/professions. a) Correct b) Incorrect 74) What is this kitchen appliance? a) Correct b) Incorrect 75) Name ten items you can find in the kitchen. a) Correct b) Incorrect 76) What are these called? a) Correct b) Incorrect 77) Name ten past simple irregular verbs. a) Correct b) Incorrect 78) What's the name of this item of clothing? a) Correct b) Incorrect


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