What sport / activity have you been doing a lot recently?, What adjective describes how you've been feeling this week?, What is something which you've been looking forward to for a long time?, How long you been living in your present house I flat., What is the name of a TV series you've been watching since it started., What is the name of a social network you've been using for a long time, e.g. Facebook., What is the name Of a friend you've been seeing a lot Of recently., What is the time you've been going to bed this week., Something you've been doing to improve your English this term., What is the name of a book you've been reading but haven't finished yet., How long/you know your best friend?, How long/ you do your hobby?, How long/you have your phone?, How long/you live in this city?, How long/you study English?, How long/you work for this company?, How long/you work over this project?, How long/ you be married?/your parents be married, How long/ you work over this project?, How long/you have this computer/laptop?.


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