1) the dog ran fast. a) The b) Dog c) Ran d) Fast 2) Her name is julia. a) Her b) Name c) Is d) Julia 3) She and i are friends. a) And b) I c) Are d) Friends 4) I went to disney world. a) Went b) To c) Disney World 5) did the movie start? a) Did b) The c) Movie d) Start 6) can I see her? a) Can b) I c) See d) Her 7) He lives in florida. a) Lives b) In c) Florida 8) The town is runnemede. a) Town b) Is c) Runnemede 9) my mom loves me. a) My b) Mom c) Loves d) Me 10) sally is a girl. a) Sally b) Is c) A d) Girl 11) We love our dog lucy. a) Love b) Our c) Dog d) Lucy 12) the cat is fat. a) The b) Cat c) Is d) Fat 13) did you see me? a) Did b) You c) See d) Me 14) His name is kevin. a) Name b) Is c) Kevin 15) you can play with me. a) You b) Can c) Play d) Me


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