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1) How can you tell that someone is living in poverty? a) The person doesn’t have a smartphone b) The person is not able to fulfil their basic needs, including food, healtcare, education among others c)  The person is not well dressed 2) Is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone? a) No, because I get hungry all the time b) Enough healthy food is produced, but not enough sweets and fizzy drinks c) There is enough food but not everyone can afford to buy food 3) What is the average life expectancy in the world? a) 50 years b) 60 years c) 70 years 4) Most of the children who do not go to school live on which continent? a) Europe b) Asia c) America d) Africa 5) Only one country in the world has more women than men in parliament in 2017. Which country is it? a) The United Kingdom b) Norway c) France d) Rwanda e) Peru 6) How can you use less water? a) There's no shortage of water where I live, I can use as much as I like b) By taking a shower rather than a bath c) By drinking sweetened fizzy drinks instead of water 7) Spot the wrong answer. Clean energy can be produced with… a) Coal b) Sun c) Wind d) Waves 8) Should women be paid the same as men if they have the same job? a) Yes, men and women have the same rights b) No, men should be paid more because they are stronger 9) What is a sustainable factory? a) A factory that has been built long ago and is still functioning b) A factory that produces toxic waste c) A factory that causes no damage to the environment




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