1) When is Thanksgiving celebrated? a) September b) October c) November 2) Which country did the pilgrims come from? a) England b) Canada c) USA 3) What was the name of their ship? a) Wampanoag b) Mayflower c) Plymouth 4) What was the first city the pilgrims founded? a) Wampanoag b) New York c) Plymouth 5) What happened to the pilgrims the first winter in Plymouth? a) They had no food. b) They had lots of food. c) Many of them died. d) Everyone was safe and happy. 6) Who helped the pilgrims in spring? a) An English man b) A Native American c) A Mexican 7) What did Squanto teach the pilgrims? a) how to grow corn b) how to fish  c) how to hunt d) how to build houses 8) The pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe became friends. a) True b) False 9) The summer harvest was very bad. a) True b) False 10) How did the pilgrims celebrate? a) They had a dinner b) They had a parade c) They had a carnival 11) What is in a Thanksgiving dinner? a) Chicken b) Turkey c) Pumpkin pie d) strawberries e) cranberries f) sweet potatoes 12) How long did the first Thanksgiving dinner last? a) 1 day b) 3 days c) 5 days




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