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1) My dad often ... dinner. a) cook b) cooks c) is cooking d) cookies 2) Tomorrow I ... my friends  a) am meeting b) are meeting c) meet d) meets 3) Bob’s sister ... her homework at the moment. a) do b) does c) ‘s doing d) doing 4) Mark ... early every day. a) get ups b) is getting up c) Is get upping d) gets up 5) They ... hard sometimes. a) work b) works c) is working d) are working 6) My friend and I never ... TV a) watches b) watch c) am watching d) are watching 7) ... he ... in his bedroom now? a) Does ... sleep b) Are ... sleeping c) Is ... sleeping d) Do ... sleeps 8) They ... ... any drinks at parties. a) don’t have b) have not c) aren’t having d) having not




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