1) Can you say the days of the week in ten seconds? 2)  Can you say 3 things you can do on an iPod? 3) Can you sleep a) in a bus b) with the light on? 4) Can you a) play tennis b) play chess c) swim km?  5) Can you say 'I love you' in 3 languages? 6) Can you say 3 things you can do with your mobile? 7) What does this sign mean? 8) What does this sign mean? 9) Can you make a) spaghetti b) a cake c) a cocktail? 10) Can you say 3 things you can do on a Friday night? 11) Can you read a) in another language b) in a car or a bus? 12) Can you play a musical instrument? 13) Can you say 3 things you can do when you're 18? 14) Can you spell these numbers correctly? 8/15/30 15) can you easily remember a) people's names b) birthdays? 16) Can you do these things on a computer? a) use Photoshop b) design a webpage? 17) Can you park easily? a) in the street outside your house? b) in the city centre? 18) Can you remember the opposite of these? full/ strong/dangerous 19) Can you count from 1 to 100 in tens? 20) Can you spell your name and address in English? 21) Can you count down from 20 to 1 in 10 seconds?


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