1) My sister _______ very tired today. a) be b) am c) is d) are 2) His _______ is a famous actress. a) aunt b) uncle c) grandfather d) son 3) I’d like to be a _______ and work in a hospital. a) lawyer b) nurse c) writer d) pilot 4) We _______ like rap music. a) doesn’t b) isn’t c) aren’t d) don’t 5) There _______ a lot of water on the floor. What happened? a) are b) is c) be d) am 6) He _______ TV at the moment. a) watches b) is watching c) watched d) watching C watched e) D h 7) Helen is very _______. She doesn’t go out a lot. a) bored b) confident c) angry d) shy 8) Did you _______ to the beach yesterday? a) went b) were c) go d) goed 9) Have you got _______ orange juice? I’m thirsty. a) some b) a c) any d) the 10) Let’s go into _______ garden. It’s sunny outside. a) a b) any c) – d) the 11) He’s _______ for the next train. a) looking b) waiting c) listening d) paying 12) Mark _______ his car last week. a) cleaned b) did clean c) has cleaned d) is cleaning 13) I bought some lovely red _______ today. a) cabbages b) cucumbers c) bananas d) apples 14) Which bus _______ for when I saw you this morning? a) did you wait b) had you waited c) were you waiting d) have you waited 15) Where _______ you like to go tonight? a) do b) would c) are d) can 16) That’s the _______ film I’ve ever seen! a) worse b) worst c) baddest d) most bad 17) My dad _______ his car yet a) hasn’t sold b) didn’t sell c) doesn’t sell d) wasn't sold 18) I’ve been a doctor _______ fifteen years. a) since b) for c) until d) by 19) Look at the sky. It _______ rain. a) will b) can c) is going to d) does 20) If I _______ this homework, the teacher will be angry! a) am not finishing b) won’t finish c) don’t finish d) didn’t finished 21) This book is even _______ than the last one! a) most boring b) boringer c) more boring d) far boring 22) I’ll meet you _______ I finish work. a) if b) when c) as d) so 23) We’re getting married _______ March. a) in b) on c) at d) by 24) If you _______ steak for a long time, it goes hard. a) cook b) are cooking c) have cooked d) cooked 25) I _______ you outside the cinema, OK? a) ’ll see b) am going to see c) am seeing d) see 26) I _______ not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile. a) can b) could c) may d) should 27) The criminal _______ outside the hotel last night a) was caught b) has been caught c) is caught d) caught 28) He asked me if I _______ a lift home. a) wanted b) want c) was wanting d) had wanted 29) If I _______ older, I’d be able to vote in elections. a) had b) am c) were d) have 30) You _______ go to the supermarket this afternoon. I've already been. a) mustn’t b) can’t c) needn’t d) won’t 31) Kathy drives _______ than her sister. a) more carefully b) more careful c) carefully d) most carefully 32) The _______ near our village is beautiful. a) country b) woods c) view d) countryside 33) I’m _______ I can’t help you with that. a) apologise b) afraid c) regret d) sad 34) It was really _______ this morning. I couldn’t see anything on the roads. a) cloudy b) sunny c) icy d) foggy 35) Can you look _______ my dog while I’m away? a) for b) at c) to d) after 36) If I’d started the work earlier I _______ it by now. a) would finish b) had finished c) will finish d) would have finished 37) This time next year I _______ in Madrid. a) am working b) will work c) will be working d) work 38) I wish he _______ in front of our gate. It’s very annoying. a) won’t park b) wouldn’t park c) doesn’t park d) can’t park 39) He said he’d seen her the _______ night. a) last b) before c) previous d) earlier 40) I _______ agreed to go out. I haven’t got any money! a) mustn’t have b) shouldn’t have c) couldn’t have d) wouldn’t have 41) It was good _______ about her recovery, wasn’t it? a) information b) words c) news d) reports 42) I _______ the report by 5.00 p.m. You can have it then. a) have finished b) will have finished c) finish d) am finishing 43) Because of the snow the teachers _______ all the students to go home early. a) said b) made c) told d) demanded 44) Thanks for the meal! It was _______. a) delighted b) delicious c) disgusting d) distasteful 45) Look! Our head teacher _______ on TV right now! a) is being interviewed b) is been interviewed c) is interviewing d) is interviewed 46) It’s _______ to drive a car over 115 km/h in the UK a) unlegal b) illegal c) dislegal d) legaless 47) There’s a lot of rubbish in the garden I need to get _______ of. a) lost b) rid c) cleared d) taken 48) I’m afraid it’s time we _______. a) leave b) must leave c) are leaving d) left 49) He wondered what _______. a) is the time? b) the time was c) was the time d) the time? 50) They _______ our salaries by 5%. a) rose b) made up c) raised d) lifted


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