Where is he going at the weekend?, Why are you so hungry?, Is she going to drive to the airport?, Do you know what time the meeting is?, Does he always drive this fast?, Can we go to the cinema on Friday evening?, How many biscuits would you like?, When does the flight land in Bologna?, How long does it take to fly to Japan?, Can they go to the park after lunch?, Where should we buy a new car?, How much does the bread cost?, Do you know her name or where she works?, What is your favourite film?, Does she think this exercise is difficult?, When are they going home?, Do you know where they are?, Are you a vegetarian?, Where are their parents from?, What make of car do you have?, How many languages do you speak?, Would you like to go on holiday with us next summer?, Do you need a new phone?, How do you spell your surname?, Are you interested in horror films?, What did they do last weekend?, Do you often listen to the radio on Saturdays?, When do you do your homework?, Could you pass me some paper please?, Who is his favourite singer or band now?, Which are your favourite TV programmes?, What is the meeting about this afternoon?, Are we going to the cinema on Friday night?, Does she know where to meet us this evening?, Is it always this hot here?, Should I try to talk to him for you?,


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