1) so popular that many people buy it a) portable b) best-selling c) online d) artificial 2) an electronic device which allows you to play games a) console b) objective c) range d) input 3) a CD or DVD a) disk b) memory stick c) keyboard d) hard drive 4) people who test games a) graphics b) bookworm c) versatile d) game-testers 5) the pictures and designs in computer programs a) artificial b) console c) graphics d) input 6) a small electronic device designed to store information that can be put into a computer, mobile phone etc. a) floppy disk b) hard drive c) memory stick d) speakers 7) connected to the Internet a) artificial b) online c) graphics d) portable 8) something which you can easily carry a) artificial b) portable c) online d) game-testers




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