1) a place where you put your money to keep it safe a) receipt b) price c) bank account 2) you might do this when you buy something and then decide you don't like it a) save up b) take it back c) change 3) to force air noisily through your throat, for example when you have a cold a) cough b) shoulder c) hurt 4) the part of the face above the eyes and below the hair a) ankle b) toe c) forehead 5) having a strong, unpleasant taste; not sweet a) fresh b) bitter c) delicious 6) extremely unpleasant a) sour b) disgusting c) tasty 7) A cat is definitely not a wild animal A cat is definitely not a wild animal.   a) A cat is probably a wild animal b) A cat can't be a wild animal 8) It’s possible that it’s a frog a) It must be a frog b) It could be a frog 9) I’m sure worms are blind a) Worms must be blind b) Perhaps worms are blind 10) It can't be a bird, it hasn't got wings a) It could be a bird, it hasn't got wings b) It's definitely not a bird, it hasn't got wings




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