1) Rachel, ______________ (have) a sleepover on Sunday? a) You are having b) Are you having c) Does she have d) Is she having 2) Train 626 _________ (leave) at 2:30 pm. a) leaves b) are leaving c) is leaving d) leaving 3) All my friends ____________ (come) to my party next Thursday! a) coming b) come c) are coming d) is coming 4) My sister and I ___________ (visit) Paris next autumn. a) am visiting b) visit c) visiting d) are visiting 5) He ___________ (not meet) his friends at 10 pm. a) isn’t meeting b) doesn’t meet c) not meeting d) aren’t meeting  6) We _____________ (not have) maths twice a week. a) doesn’t have b) aren’t having c) don’t have d) aren’t haveing 7) My little brother often _________ (cry) when he’s hungry. a) crying  b) is crying c) cry d) cries 8) Hanna ___________ (travel) solo around Europe in June. It’s incredible! a) is travelling b) are travelling c) travelling d) travels 9) __________ (move) to Germany in 2023? No, he isn’t. a) Are you moving b) Is he moving c) Does he move d) Is he moveing 10) Our plane __________ (arrive) at 10 am tomorrow morning. a) is arriving b) arrive c) arrives d) arriving 11) Come on! Shut up! The film ________ (start)! a) is starting b) starting c) start d) starts 12) The new art exhibition ___________ (open) on 22nd February and ___________ (finish) on 30th June. a) opens/is finishing b) is opening/is finishing c) opening/finishing d) opens/finishes 13) Mum _________ (go) to the supermarket this afternoon. a) goes b) is going c) go d) going 14) Well, my mother usually _____________ (not work) on Mondays. a) doesn’t work b) isn’t working c) don’t work d) doesn’t working 15) Hurry up people! We __________ (close) in ten minutes. a) closing  b) closes c) are closing d) close




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