1) I don't put much / many salt on my food. a) much b) many 2) We don't eat a lot of / a lot sweets. a) a lot of b) a lot 3) A: How much chocolate do you eat? B: Little. / A few. a) Little b) A few 4) My husband doesn't drink much / many coffee. a) much b) many 5) A: How much fruit did you buy? B: Quite a lot. / Quite a lot of. a) Quite a lot b) Quite a lot of 6) We eat a lot of / much fish. We love it! a) a lot of b) much 7) A: Do your children drink any milk? B No, not much / not many. a) not much b) not many 8) A: Do you eat much / many meat? B: No, I don't eat no / any meat. I'm a vegetarian. a) much, no b) much, any c) many, no d) many, any 9) Donna ate her hamburger, but she didn't eat much / many chips. a) much b) many 10) A: How many vegetables do you eat? B: Any. / None. I don't like them. a) Any b) None 11) I have a cup of tea and a few / a little cereal for breakfast. a) a few b) a little


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