What do you like to do in your free time?  (In my free time I like....), What is your favourite kind of sport? (My favourite kind of sport is...), What is your favourite season? ( My favourite season is..), What music do you like? ( I like.... music), Do you like healthy food or fast food? (I like...), Have you got any pets? ( I have got/ haven't got...), What month is your birthday in? ( My birthday is in...), What is your favorite day of the week? ( My favourite day of the week is...), What is your favourite drink? ( My favourite drink is....), What do you usually do at the weekend? (I usually ...... at the weekend), What are your hobbies? ( My hobbies are....), Do you live in a house or a flat? (I live in....), What do you do on Friday night? ( I..... on Friday night), How often do you eat out? (I eat out .... once a week/twice a week/three times a month), What time do you usually get up? ( I usually get up at...), What time do you usually go to bed? ( I usually go to bed at...), What films do you like? (I like ... drama/comedy/detective/romance), Do you play musical instruments? (I play/ don't play....), Have you got any brothers or sisters? (I have/ don't have), Do you know any foreign language? (I know/ don't know...).


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