____ the current rules you are not allowed to wear shorts to school, although that will change from next year Are you sure the deadline is next week? I was ____ the impression it was today We need to be ____ the road by 7 a.m. or will never get to the train station on time. The football stadium is ____ the north of the city near the train station Exam candidates must remain in their seats ____ all times The number of lions in the wild has been ____ decline for many years ____ the end of the day it makes no difference whether you pass your driving test or not because you can't afford to buy a car Maria is ____ pressure because her grades for last time where purchase Noel couldn't believe it when he arrived at school and saw the science lab was ____ fire ____ first Louisa thought everyone had forgotten about her birthday but then she saw the big cake on the table

First For Schools Trainer 2 page 10 - IN ON AT UNDER




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