Where do you study English?, What's your favourite day at the weekend?, What do you usually eat for lunch at the weekend?, Where are you going next weekend?, What do people in your family enjoy doing at the weekend?, How often do you speak English?, What is easy for you about learning a new language?, How often do you go to the cinema?, Who do you usually watch films with?, What kind of films do you like?, Where do you enjoy watching films?, How do you travel to school?, What do you usually do while you are travelling to school?, How long is your journey to school?, What is the best way to travel around your area?, Who do you usually do sports with?, What sports do you like doing in winter?, How often do you watch football on television?, When do you prefer to do sports?, How often does it rain where you live?, What do you wear in cold weather?, What kind of weather do you like least?, What activities do you enjoy doing when the weather is hot?.

A2 Key speaking questions


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