Do you have lunch______ home during the week?, Do you get up_____ 7 o'clock ______Saturday mornings?, Where do you go on holiday ____the summer?, What time do you go_____bed ___Fridays?, What do you usually do _______Christmas?, How do you relax_______ the weekend?, Do you do your English homework________the evening?, Do you drink coffee_____ the morning?, Do you go shopping _____ Saturday mornings?, Do you have a shower ____the morning or_____night?, Do you work _______an office?, Do you go ____bed early____ Sunday nights?, Do you like the weather ____ the summer in your country?, Do you have classes_____Thursday evenings?, Do you go_____the cinema______the weekend?, When do finish work/ youe classes ____Wednesdays?, Do you sleep for 8 hours ____ night?, Do you watch TV________lunchtime?, Do you prefer to do exercise ______the morning or ______the evening?, Do you make the dinner______the evening?, Do you go ____a restaurant for dinner _____Friday nights?, Do you have lunch ______school/work during the week?.


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