English - You__ from England, Irish - I__ from Ireland, Polish - He__ from Poland, Scottish - She__ from Scotland , Spanish - It__ from Spain, Turkish - We__from Turkey, German - They__ from Germany, Mexican - I__ from Mexico, American - You__ from the United States of America (the USA), Argentinian - She__ from Argentina, Brazilian - We__ from Brazil, Egyptian - It__ from Egypt, Hungarian - They__ from Hungary, Italian - I__ from Italy, Russian - You __ from Russia, Chinese - He__ from China, Japanese - She__ from Japan, Czech - We__ from the Czech Republic, French - It__ from France, Swiss - They__ from Switzerland, African - I__ from Africa, Asian - You__ from Asia, Australian - He__ from Australia, European - We__ from Europe, North American - It__ from North America, South American - They__ from South America,


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