1) When you were young, where did you use to spend your summer holidays? What do you usually do now in the summer? 2) What books or comics did you use to read? What do you usually read now? 3) Is there a TV programme you used to be addicted to? What kind of programmes do you usually watch now? 4) Is there a friend you used to be really close to, but don't see any more? 5) When you were young, what did you use to have for breakfast? What do you usually have now? 6) When you were young, what music did you use to listen to a lot? What do you usually listen to nowadays? 7) Is there machine or device you used to use a lot, but don't use any more? What apps or devices do you usually use now to communicate with your friends? 8) Is there a sport or game you used to play a lot, but which you've given up? What exercise do you do nowadays?


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