They live in London but they also have a weekend ______by the sea. - a cottage, this keeps your hous warm - central heating, We only turn on the _______ when the weather gets very hot. - air conditioning, We ate breakfast on the ______of our hotel room every day. - balcony, a large building divided into separate living spaces - block of flats, All the rooms have high ______. - ceilings, I grew up in an old d------ h------ with a large garden. - detached house, a door, gate, etc. that you go through to enter a place - entrance, the flat surface that you stand on inside a building - floor, We invited friends for a barbecue on the new _____. - patio, the structure that covers or forms the top of a building, vehicle, tent, etc. - roof, A wooden ______leads to the top floor of the house. - staircase, a room where an artist or photographer regularly works - studio,


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