1) Kate ... play tennis on Tuesday. a) is b) is going to c) was 2) Inna is going to go to ... London at the weekend. a) - b) the c) a 3) ... it be hot in Sochi tomorrow? a) Is b) Was c) Will 4) Vera ... in the sea soon. a) swims b) swam c) will swim 5) ... Victor and Andrey going to go to the mointains on Saturday? a) Are b) Were c) Will 6) Are they going to visit us on ... Monday? a) - b) the c) a 7) It ... cloudy in Surgut tomorrow. a) isn't b) wasn't c) won't be 8) ... it warm in Tyumen last weekend? a) Is b) Was c) Will 9) Igor ... go to the mountains next year. a) going to b) went c) will 10) Mum ... tired yesterday. a) is b) was c) will be

Spotlight 4, Module 8 (TEST 2)


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