went - Last week I _____ (go) to the park., became - After the elections, she _____ (become) the Prime Minister., wrote - This morning Sally ____ (write) an email., cost - The television ____ (cost) a lot more from the shop., hurt - On Monday I ____ (hurt) my arm in the bedroom., drew - My sister ____ (draw) me a picture for my birthday., forgot - Last night I ____ (forget) to lock the front door., won - Last year Daniel ____ (win) 3 running competitions., was - The doctor ____ (be) at the hospital all night., bent - I ____ (bend) the wire to make the sculpture., told - At school last week, our teacher ____ (tell) us about the new project., bled - My finger ____ (bleed) when the knife cut me., brought - Her grandparents ____ (bring) a cake to the party., built - My brother ____ (build) his house last year., caught - During the football match, the goalkeeper ____ (catch) the ball., bought - Peter and Simon both ____ (buy) a pair of trainers from the sports shop., chose - In the restaurant, they ____ (choose) the most expensive meal., came - My cousins ____ (come) to visit last weekend., cut - They _____ (cut) the birthdy cake into 10 pieces., dealt - At the casino, the man ____ (deal) the cards to each player., did - On Wednesday afternoon, Katherine ____ (do) her homework in the kitchen., hung - When the washing machine finished, Mum ____ (hang) the washing up to dry., had - After a long day in the sun, Toby ____ (have) a refreshing shower., shut - My mum ____ (shut) the door behind her and locked it., taught - My professor ____ (teach) us about volcanoes last lesson., understood - After watching a video on YouTube, I ____ (understand) the instrcctions., threw - We ____ (throw) the rubbish in the bin outside after the party., dug - We ____ (dig) a giant hole in the garden to make a pond for the fish., were - You ____ (be) so loud last night that my neighbours called the police!,

Sentences - Irregular Past Simple Verbs Crossword


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