1) Air pollution can .....breathing problems for some people. a) cause b) face c) result 2) The lizards are classed as .... animals. a) endangered b) dangerous c) dying 3) The search had to be abandoned because of the ....weather. a) extreme b) fine c) bad 4) The recent floods have been -----to global warming. a) linked b) connected 5) We need to _____the amount of salt in our diet. a) reduce b) increase c) save 6) Some of these companies are polluting and ....the environment. a) killing b) destroying c) injuiring 7) Leaving the heating on all the time ......electricity. a) wastes b) spends c) saves 8) We’ll .......a lot of time if we go by car. a) save b) waste c) spend 9) I never -----clothes away. a) throw b) bring c) take 10) The bottles are designed to be ---- up to 20 times. a) reused b) recylced c) refreshed 11) Several buildings were .....by the earthquake. a) damaged b) hurt c) injured 12) There are a handful of charities which I ..... regularly. a) donate b) support c) destroy 13) Andrew ... his leg playing rugby. a) destroyed b) injured c) donated 14) The cover .... the machine from dust. a) support b) protects c) donate 15) The rains caused widespread ...... to crops. a) destruction b) destroy c) construction 16) This law ......protection for threatened animals and plants. a) provides b) forbides c) lends 17) The island has been seriously .... by a copper mine. a) polluted b) purified c) generated 18) I overslept and .....the train. a) missed b) lost 19) Did you ....that book to Mike? a) lend b) borrow c) take


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