Speak about the last time you thought that the reasons/explanations/ excuses.... somebody was giving you just didn´t add up, Have you ever been asked out by somebody you didn´t like at all? How did you react?, When was the last time you had to ask around to see if you could get information about something important for you?, Who always backs you up when you have new projects/plans....?, Speak about something you are about to do, What do you do when any domestic appliance breaks down? Do you have it mended? Do you try to repair it yourself?...., Do you know anybody whose house or business has been broken into?, Speak about a couple you know who have broken up unexpectedly, Do you know somebody who hasn´t been brought up by his/her parents?, Have you or anybody you know ever brought up after drinking too much at a party/wedding …?, The last time you bumped into somebody you hadn´t seen for a long time, An important event for you which was called off for some reason or other, A person you sometimes call on when you have some time off, Speak about the last time somebody asked you to calm down, Somebody you don´t care for.Some food you don’t care for either., A trend which has started to catch on among young people in your area, The last time you cheered up after hearing some good news. Have you ever had to cheer somebody up? What was the problem?, Something amazing you came across when cleaning up your bedroom/ sorting out papers…., A person you know who has come into a fortune, A book/play/film...which didn´t come /live up to your expectations.


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