1) I (to like) classical music. a) to like b) likes c) am like d) like 2) She (to study) English every day. a) study b) studys c) studies d) is study 3) My brother (to be) a student. He (to go) to school. a) bes, goes b) is, goes c) to be, to go d) is, gos 4) Michael (to do) his homework in the morning. a) do b) is do c) dos d) does 5) My sister (to read) a book and she (to go) to bed at 10:30 p.m. a) is read, is go b) read, go c) reads, goes d) reads, gos 6) Our father (to like) his job. a) likes b) to like c) is like d) like 7) Mark (to be) my best friend. a) be b) am c) is d) are 8) Her husband (to have) a coffee break at work at 12:15. a) haves b) has c) have d) is have 9) Their children (to be) very nice. a) are b) is c) do be d) to be 10) ... it? a) Do you like b) Are you like c) Is you like d) You like 11) ... near here? a) You live b) Are you live c) Is you live d) Do you live 12) ... it far? a) Do b) Are c) Is 13) ... you a waiter? a) Do b) Are c) Is 14) ... your parents live in a small village? a) Is b) - c) Do d) Are 15) Where ... you from? - Germany. a) do b) are  c) is  16) What time ... your English classes? - At 2 p.m. a) do have you b) you have c) do you have d) are you have 17) How ... to work? - By bus a) do you go b) you go c) do go you d) are you go 18) Who ... English with? - My friend. a) you study b) do you study c) do study you d) are you study 19) I ... my job. It's good. a) like b) don't like c) am not like d) am like 20) Nurses ... at home. a) aren't work b) isn't work c) don't work d) not work 21) I ... I'm retired. a) work b) don't work c) isn't work d) am not work 22) I ... a car. I take the bus. a) don't have b) have c) don't d) am not


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