How to get out of your comfort zone! It’s the start of a new school year. Everyone's getting back into their ‘normal’ routine, so it seems like a good time to ____ yourself. Here’s a simple idea. Why not surprise yourself and change your ____? You could travel a different way to school. You never know - you might have an ____! Why not eat your meals in a different place or get up early and do some yoga? Our brains get ____ of change, so it helps you to enjoy your day and focus on what you’re doing. I love making videos, but I was always too shy to share them. Then last month I ____ myself post my work online. Now, people like to comment, give their opinions and criticise, but | don’t mind. Good comments ____ my confidence, but | try to take on ____ negative comments too. I tried this idea on my birthday: allow a friend to make ____ for you! Your friend chooses a place to go. You have to see a film you wouldn't normally choose or try a new activity. | was really ____ about my day - and a bit anxious too. But | decided to give ____ and now | have a new hobby: juggling!




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