1) As one muscle contracts another muscle ....... a) relaxes b) stretches c) antagonises 2) True or False Gravity increases with distance .... a) True b) False 3) A waste product from respiration a) urea b) carbon dioxide c) amino acids d) oxygen 4) A deficiency of which nutrient causes Kwashiorkor? a) Calcium b) Carbohydrate c) Protein 5) Vitamin C is also known as ...... a) Ethanoic acid b) Ascorbic acid c) Sulfuric acid d) Bucolic acid 6) A type of drug that speeds up nervous responses. a) Stimulant b) depressant c) opiate 7) Which toxin in cigarette smoke causes cancer? a) Nicotine b) Tar c) Carbon monoxide 8) A disease caused by excess alcohol a) bronchitis b) emphyaphsema c) cirrhosis 9) A disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin D a) Scurvy b) Ricketts c) Osteoporosis 10) A molecule found in cigarette smoke that bonds strongly to red blood cells. a) carbon dioxide b) nitrogen c) carbon monoxide

health fitness and gravity quiz

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