I help doctors. I work in a hospital. I'm a ____ . - nurse, I have a car. I take people from one place to another. I'm a ____ . - taxi driver, I wear a uniform. My job is to look after passengers on an airplane. I'm a ____ . - flight attendant, My job is to understand the law and give people advice about it. I'm a ____ . - lawyer, I help people learn new things. I'm a ____ . - teacher, I interview people and write a lot. Celebrities don't like me. I'm a ____ . - journalist, I serve people food and drinks. I work in a cafe or restaurant. I'm a ____ . - waiter, I work in a shop. I help people to choose products and clothes. I'm a ____ . - shop assistant, I welcome people and make phone calls. I help to solve different problems. I'm a ____ . - receptionist, I make things with the help of machines. I'm a ____ .  - factory worker, I design new buildings. I'm an ____ . - architect, I help manage an organization. I'm an __ - administrator,


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