1) A: __________ B: Yes, it's too late. a) It's time for bed. b) No problem. c) That's perfect. 2) A: __________ B: And I'm here on holiday. a) Can you spell that? b) Hello, I'm Rob Walker. c) I'm here on business 3) A: __________ B: Yes, here you are. a) Can I have my passport, please? b) Would you like a tea? c) Can you spell that? 4) A: For 5 nights? B: ____________ a) Can you repeat that, please? b) Thank you. c) Yes, that's right. 5) A: Hi. Is that Jennifer? B: ____________ a) Yes, who's that? b) No problem. c) Here you are. 6) A: __________ B: Milk and sugar? a) How do you spell that? b) Can I have a coffee, please? c) Oh, look! It's 11.30! 7) A: __________ B: Z-I-E-L-I-N-S-K-I a) Can I have your passport, please? b) Can you sign here please? c) Can you spell that, please?


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