What are your hobbies?, Did you study English yesterday?, What was your favourite subject at school?, Do you usually have breakfast?, Where did you go last Saturday?, Can you speak French?, What would you do if you were a teacher?, What will you do if you win the lottery?, Where would you go if you could choose?, What is your dream job?, What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology?, Do you prefer to work for a small firm or a large organisation?, What kinds of films do you enjoy watching?, Are you a risk taker? Why/why not?, What is your favorite food? Why?, Do you consider artificial beauty (cosmetic surgery) to still be beauty? Why/why not?, How do you feel about online shopping?, What important life lessons have you learned?, If you had your own TV show, what would it be like?, What is your favorite movie? Why?, If there were a movie about your life, what kind of movie would it be? Why?.

Casalecchio English questions A2


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