1) A: This topic is so difficult and I'm having an exam tomorrow. a) B: Don't worry, I'll help you. b) B: Don't worry, I'm going to help you. 2) A: What time is your exam? a) B: It's starting at 8:30 am. b) B: It starts at 8:30 am. 3) A: I'll have a cup of coffee. a) B: It's 9 pm, you'll sleep badly at night! b) B: It's 9 pm, you're going to sleep badly at night! 4) A: My favourite show's finale is on TV tonight. a) B: Are you going to watch it? b) B: Will you watch it? 5) A: I've decided what to give my mom for her birthday. a) B: What will you buy her? b) B: What are you going to buy her? 6) A: I feel so tired. a) B: Are you going on holiday soon? b) B: Are you going to go on holiday soon? 7) A: Susan's having a party tomorrow. a) B: Are you coming? b) B: Will you come? 8) A: How are you going to get to the party? a) B: I think I'll take a taxi. b) B: I think I'm taking a taxi. 9) A: My bag is so heavy. a) B: Wait, I'm going to carry it for you. b) B: Wait, I'll carry it for you. 10) A: Let's have a bbq party tomorrow! a) B: Nah, I'm working. b) B: Nah, I'll work.




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