1) They _______ the game. a) one b) won 2) _________ house is very nice. a) There b) Their c) They're 3) Albie _________ the big horse. a) road b) rode 4) Adam is sitting over ___________. a) their b) they're c) there 5) Stella will ________ the cheese. a) grate b) great 6) Abby will ________ a famous play. a) right b) write 7) Easton's team was number _______ in the contest. a) one b) won 8) Will Leo  __________ the hidden prize? a) find b) fined 9) Turn ________ at the stop sign. a) right b) write 10) Madelynn was ________ $100. a) find b) fined 11) Let's see if __________ home before we drive over. a) there b) their c) they're 12) After the hike,  Phillip felt ________. a) great b) grate 13) Rachel wants to go _______ the beach. a) too b) to c) two 14) Did you _______ the book? a) read b) reed 15) I want to _______ the new movie. a) see b) sea 16) I have ________ pens. a) too b) to c) two 17) He gave me a sun _________ . a) flower b) flour 18) This is the last _________ of school. a) week b) weak 19) You need ________ to make a cake. a) flour b) flower 20) After his long run, his legs felt _______. a) weak b) week 21) This _________ has a lot of pot holes. a) rode b) road 22) He likes deep ______ fishing. a) see b) sea


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