1) At the moment he ... a) is riding a horse. b) rides a horse. 2) It usually ... a) is taking a rest b) takes a rest. 3) During the week she ...  a) is teaching maths. b) teaches maths. 4) Now it ... a) is walking in the snow. b) walks in the snow. 5) My grandma often ... a) is making a cake. b) makes a cake. 6) Right now he ... a) is going to school. b) goes to school. 7) On Mondays she ... a) is dancing. b) dances. 8) He usually ... a) is playing the guitar. b) plays the guitar. 9) Now the horse ... a) is jumping. b) jumps. 10) He usually ... a) is having lunch at school. b) has lunch at school. 11) At the moment he ... a) is watching cartoons. b) watches cartoons. 12) Now she ... a) is smiling. b) smiles. 13) In this moment the lion ... a) is opening his mouth. b) opens his mouth.




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