I am wearing blue jeans., Alice isn't wearing a purple skirt., You are playing in the garden., They aren't reading a scary book., Are you cooking a cake? Yes, I am., Is your brother wearing glasses? No, he isn't., Aurora isn't cooking biscuits for Halloween., Is Mr. Green going to a party? Yes, he is., Are the boys phoning in class? No, they aren't., Maya is taking a photo., Are the girls texting? Yes, they are., I'm not playing videogames., You aren't singing. , Is she dancing in the bedroom? No, she isn't, We aren't talking in the garden., Is it eating pet food? Yes, it is., The vampire is screaming in the castle., Is the witch flying a broomstick? Yes, she is., The skeletons aren't eating apples for lunch., I am making a video for my Maths project..




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