The internet has brought _____________________ ____ sweeping changes in all spheres of life. I'm determined to bring __________________________ any challenge they give me. This report in the media could bring _______________________________ the government. The loss of job was really stressful , but the support of my friends brough me ___________________ ____. She brought the conversation _____________________________ to environmental protection. After laying out the facts, I was able to bring them _________________ ____ to my position. The university elections were brought _______________________________ by two months. She was knocked unconscious, but the doctors managed to bring her _________________________. I've brought my friend __________________ ____ to my parent's country house. He is not the one to be brought ____________________ ____ easily. He's very stubborn. The designer brought ____________________ ____ a new line for the fashion show. Bad acts bring ______________ ____ evil fruit. Decrease in demand is likely to bring the prices ___________________. ____ The introduction of new technologies has brought _______________ ____ a revolution in the way we communicate and access information. Feel free to bring your sister _________________ ____ on this—we'd like her input, too. Don't forget to bring this book ______________ ____ to the library. I am planning to bring _____________ ____ this question at the next meeting.


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