1) I think I’d like ... honey on my bread. a) some b) any 2) Yes, I think there is ............ orange juice in the fridge. a) some b) any 3) There is ... bread in the cupboard. a) some b) any 4) There isn't ... coffee in the jar. a) some b) any 5) There aren’t ... apples in the fridge. a) some b) any 6) Bob usually has ... bacon for breakfast. a) some b) any 7) Is there ... cheese in this sauce? I don’t like cheese. a) some b) any 8) There aren't ... eggs left. I'll go buy some. a) much b) many 9) Don’t put too ... sugar in my coffee. It’s very sweet. a) much b) many 10) Don’t you think you cooked too ... potatoes. a) much b) many 11) How ... pepper is left? a) much b) many 12) We haven’t got ... apples left. a) much b) many 13) I don't drink ... milk, but I should. a) much b) many 14) There aren’t ... carrots in the fridge. a) much b) many


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