What's your name, please?, How old are you?, Where do you live?, What time do you go to school everyday?, What is the first thing you do when you get to school?, How many lessons do you have each day?, What time do you finish school?, Do you see your friends at school everyday?, Do you have much free time at school?, Can you play sports and games at your school?, How many people are there in your family?, Who is the oldest person in your family?, Where do the people in your family live?, When will you see your family today?, What hobbies do you enjoy doing in your spare time?, Where do you do your favourite activities?, How often do you do your favourite hobby?, What hobbies do other people in your family enjoy?, Please tell me something about what you like about your school., Please tell me something about how your family spend time together on special occasions., Please tell me something about a hobby that you enjoy doing with friends., What subjects do you study at school?, When did you start learning English?, Which foreign languages are you studying at your school?, How often do you have math lessons?, Please tell me something about your favourite subject at school., What seasons are there during the year in your country?, Which time of the year is special in your country?, When are the school holidays in your country?, What is the weather usually like in December in your country?, Please tell me something about your favourite time of the year., Who cooks the food in your family?, What kind of food do you eat every week?, What are the cafès like in your town?, Where does your family buy food from?, Please tell me something about a meal that you enjoy eating., When does the weekend start for you and your family?, What do you usually do at the weekend?, What will you do next weekend?, Do all of your family have free time every weekend?, Please tell me what you did last weekend., How do you like to travel if you are going on a long journey?, How often do you ride a bike in your town?, What do you like about travelling by train?, How often are there traffic delays in your town?, Please tell me something about how you travelled to school yesterday., What food do you like the best?, Tell me about a place where you go with your friends., Tell me something about your town., Tell me something about your English Teacher..



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