1) A blended learning platform where teachers can push out assignments, create announcements, ask questions, collect student work, and more! a) Google Classroom b) Google Sheets c) Google Forms d) Google Docs 2) Allows you to collect information and create and analyze surveys. Can be used in a variety of ways. a) Google Docs b) Google Sheets c) Google Forms d) Google Drawings 3) What are the 3 types of posts you can create in Google Classroom for your students? a) Project, Question, Classwork b) Assignment, Question, Material c) Exam, Question, Announcement d) Assessment, Question, Task 4) G Suite was formerly known as... a) Google Sweet b) Google Apps for Education c) Google Time for Teaching d) G Why Not 5) Google Classroom automatically creates calendar entries for assignments. a) True  b) False 6) Students can resubmit work that hasn't been graded yet. a) True b) False 7) If a grade appears on Google Classroom, it automatically appears in the student/parent portal. a) True b) False 8) What is the correct Google Classroom url? a) classroom.google.com b) lotusnotes.k12.hi.us c) classroom.com d) googleclassroom.com 9) What do I click to see assignments and announcements in Google Classroom? a) ABOUT b) GAFE c) STREAM d) In the "Menu" 10) Which tab is best to navigate to in order to organize your content in Google Classroom? a) Stream b) People c) Classwork d) Grades




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