1) PowerPoint is .. ? a) A database b) A word processor  c) A presentation program d) A spreadsheet program 2) A presentation program creates a ....? a) Spreadsheet b) Computer virus c) Slide show d) Text Message 3) A PowerPoint presentation can be used as an aid for public speaking? a) True b) False 4) ______________ can be added to a PowerPoint slide? a) Items b) Objects c) Features 5) You can easily change the order of the slides in a PowerPoint presentation? a) True b) False 6) A slide ___________ is an animation or effect that is displayed when you move from slide to the next? a) Transition b) Movement c) Shift d) Whirl 7) _____________ are used to apply movement effects on an object? a) Transition b) Movement c) Animations d) Shift 8) Standard PowerPoint presentations are saved in which file extension (format). a) pptx b) docx c) pdf d) html 9) To run your presentation, click 'from beginning' icon or press the ___ key? a) F3 b) F5 c) F7 d) F9 10) You can print your presentation slides to give to your audience? a) True b) False




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