Jenny ____ Peter are good friends. I like to eat apples ____ oranges. Lion ____ tiger live in the jungle. Hasan likes to eat nasi lemak ____ not noodles. Jeremy is very clever ____ he is lazy. Do you want fried noodles ____ fried rice? I wear school uniform ____ black shoes to school every day. Muthu likes to play piano ____ football. Teacher Ong is very fierce ____ she is kind. I don't like to eat pineapple ____ papaya. There are two pillows, one bolster ____ a blanket on my bed. Jie Ming lives in a big ____ beautiful bungalow. Do you want to go picnic ____ swimming on Sunday? Farhan likes to play computer ____ dancing every Monday. Aminah likes to read story books ____ not singing. The moon is round ____ yellow tonight. My grandmother is old ____ she is strong. I need a broom ____ dustpan to sweep the floor. Every Friday, my father ____ my brother go for prayers at the mosque. I have tables, chairs, books ____ bookshelf in my study room.

English Year 2 - Conjunction Fun



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